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Today is 3/4/21. showing as always the signs in the heavens that Jesus Christ (known as yeshua in Hebrew and called by many different names) warned to be seen before his second coming.Those signs specifically from the planet x/ nemesis/ nibiru/ Biblical wormwood of Revelation 8/ red dragon ( being planet x of Revelation 12) what nasa calls the planet nine system evidence. This videos highlights; a large planet x system body was seen last night Atlantic city new Bailiwick of Jersey usa. Multiple people spotted this large planet x system body which according to others was coming from the southwest which matches what we’re looking at from the planet x system. Right away the government came out and said it was from a quote ” secret government rocket launch” . Thats a lie because rocket launches dont look pinkish red at all. They look white and leave a chemtrail look when smoke from rocket launches evaporate in the air. This thing was in the sky a spell and and then finally vanished away. So yes an amazing site of a planet x system body was seen spell the government cant hide the truth anymore. Also more planet x system meteors that go around the earth and sun daily were spotted. Also meteor debris came in over the UK as fireball records are being broken. Because earth’s going through a massive asteroid debris field not including planet x system debris are coming earths way soon. And caught by me a large planet x system planet body to the right of the sun a few days ago seen coming out after the sun exploded a coronal mass ejection. Also a large 6.3 earthquake hit Hellenic Republic yesterday. Earth and the sun is going into an alignment with a planet x system body so things are going to get bad fast. Is jesus your lord? Newcomers who dont know jesus christ as your personal lord I hope you’ll read below this. Newcomers, Jesus Christ is the only way to God and heaven ( John 14;6) and the only way to escape the judgement coming( REVELATION 3:10/ REVELATION 12:5/ 1 THESSALONIANS 4/ 1 CORINTHIANS 15/ john 14:3- bible references.) Pray if you have not accepted Jesus (yeshua) as Lord read BELOW in my pinned comments section.
my backup channel now also on bitchute . link here- https://www.bitchute.com/video/CPwVqOHls43Y/
CREDITED videos below-
James brown/ planet x system body over Atlantic city new Bailiwick of Jersey- https://youtu.be/w66y5qzNZhY
Ji sung shon/ same PX system body- https://youtu.be/X4uqmAJGSzo

first audio clip is from john chapter 3 in the bible. 2nd song called solid ground by Michael kiwanuka- https://youtu.be/NapVomVyYAE

Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair employment” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education and research.Fair employment is a employment permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal employment tips the balance in favor of fair employment.

Anyone who tries to falsely claim my videos as their own without my permission testament be dealt with legally. Thanks.

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Taktisk vurdering 8.6 / 10
The Good
-Rask overgang fra forsvar til angrep
-Fullbacks always have spaces in wider areas when attacking
-Cms pose attacking threat when making runs from deep into the box
-Fluid movement in central areas. Making hard for the opposition to mark
-Beats opposition high press real easily
-Wingers ‘Cut inside’ is real effective
-Busquets acts as a Deep Lying Playmaker always making himself available for a back pass
-Players are clinical in the box
-Messi movement ON and OFF the ball confuses defenders when trying to mark him

The Bad
-Heavily dependent on Messi goals and assist to win
-Forplikter for mange spillere i boksen til tider
-Vulnerable against long balls
-Vulnerable against counter attacks
-Opposition players run through the defensive lines too easily
-Barca’s high press after the 70’min mark seems ineffective

England National squad 1966
Stevie G Rangers
Pirlo Juventus 4-4-2
Brendan Rogers Liverpool
Sarri’s Chelsea
Keoman’s Southampton
Van Gal Bayern Munich
Ralf Ragnick Rb leipzig
Quien Siten 3-5-2
Graham Potter Brighton 3-5-2
Hellenic Republic 2004
Ruben Sport Libson
David Moyes Westham
Antonio Conte’s Chelsea

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Copa do Brasil / Libertadores e outros Torneios
Brasileirão A e B sem Narração
várias Modalidades , Campo Virtual Ao vivo
Inscrevam-se pra fortalecer o Canal , Obrigado 🙂

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Figure in the lesson #sabordecuba in Amsterdam. @Jose Luis Pelayo Herrera

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*NEW*: This is the best audio recording of the classic Pink Floyd concert in Montreux 1970. REMASTERED & speedcorrected sound! This is a landmark show – a classic. Probably my favorite “Fat Old Sun” version ever played nine:57.The sound is as good as it gets for such an old recording. I centered the stereo of the first half of the show since it favoured the left channel a bit. A fantastic concert – now carefully remastered. A Must-Have. Enjoy!

01. Astronomy Domine
02. Fat Old Sun nine:57
03. Atom Heart Mother 24:44
04. Cymbaline 41:51
05. The Embryo 53:33
06. Just Another Twelve Bar
07. More Blues
08. Green ls The Colour
09. Careful With That Axe Eugine
10. Hvis
11. Atom Heart Mother Suite (Full Orchestra Version)

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Chef Slot Part 4 The Perfect Omelette 2021 03 05

Live on air, not a Saturday kitchen omelette a proper chef omelette you can make at home

Alexa Open internet radio

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(ENG SUBTITLES) Podoba się? Kliknij SUBA i zostań na dłużej!
Już wkrótce kolejne filmy z Karaibów: Saint Martin, Curacao, Bonaire! Będzie też więcej poradników: jak podróżować tanio, jak podróżować solo, jak zacząć podróżować i zacząć żyć! Zapraszam! Kamila Zawłocka

🤳 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zadzieramkieceilece/
💁‍♀️ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zadzieramkieceileceblog/

#SaintMartin #Karaiby #podróże

Dziś zabieram Cię na Saint Martin! Karaibski raj podzielony na pół, mniędzy Holandię, a Francję. Piękna karaibska wyspa pełna niespodzianek. Pokażę Wam dzisiaj dwie fantazyjne stolice wyspy: Marigot i Philipsburg. Kolorowe niczym z bajek Disneya! Odwiedzimy też Fort Amsterdam, gdzie można poczuć odrobinę historii i podziwiać niesamowite widoki. Pokażę Wam jak wyglądają drogie, luksusowe hotele na wyspie i opowiem dlaczego w nich nie sypiam 😉 Pobawimy się też z egzotycznymi ptakami! Zapraszam!

Masz pytania? Zostaw komentarz! A jeśli film Ci się podobał kliknij w subskrypcję i dzwoneczek i podróżuj razem ze mną!

Tutaj znajdziesz pierwszy film z Saint Martin:

A tutaj całą kolekcę z Karaibów:

Chcesz mnie bliżej poznać? A może jesteś ciekaw, jak to możliwe, że cały czas podróżuję? Skąd pieniądze? Odpowiedź znajdziesz tutaj:

Dzięki, że jesteście i śledzicie moje podróże!
Ściskam Was serdecznie!

Musikk: Epidemic Sound

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